Baltimore Locksmith Safe Services

At one time, safes were mainly found in major corporations and businesses. Over time they began to become smaller in size which made them ideal for homes and smaller businesses. This was great news as they provide a security measure that nearly everyone can appreciate. But before buying a safe, people should understand everything involved with buying a safe.

As can be expected, there is a risk that must be considered before purchasing a safe. If the safe were to break or you lost the key or combination, you would need to contact a Baltimore locksmith. Many people would not even consider this a risk to consider when purchasing a safe but depending upon the contents, it should definitely be something that you think about.

Depending upon what you store in your safe, the reality that you may not be able to access them or that they may be damaged while trying to open the safe can be very scary. Fortunately our trained Baltimore safe locksmiths can help you get the contents of your safe out in very little time. Our safe locksmiths are trained to get into both types of safes normally found in homes. These include combination lock safes and electronic lock safes.

Bypassing Locks on Safes

Learning how to bypass a lock on a safe (or cracking a safe) is considered a very useful skill to have. It is not unusual to find a safe in a home and this has caused the need for skilled safe locksmiths to increase. There are quite a few techniques that safe locksmiths can use to help get into your safe.

- Manipulating the Safe

This method is the preferred method for opening a safe even though it takes the longest of the different methods that are currently used. It is so popular because this method is the one most likely to leave your safe and its contents completely intact.

Stethoscopes and other similar tools are used to listen to the safe as the locksmith works to manipulate the safe into opening. Due to the fact that the locksmith has to listen to determine when the lock on the safe is being manipulated properly, it can take quite a bit of time to utilize this method.

- Drilling the Safe

Drilling a safe is another popular method employed by safe locksmiths. It is much quicker than manipulating the safe but does cause some minor cosmetic damage to the safe. While using this method will not damage the contents of your safe, it is becoming much more difficult to use. This is due to the fact that many safes now have security measures in place to prevent methods such as this from working.

- Scoping the Safe

This method very closely resembles drilling the safe. The major difference is the use of a borescope. The borescope is inserted in a small hole that already exists in the safe so that drilling a hole is not necessary. Other than that one major difference, the safe locksmith works in a very similar method to drilling the safe in order to open the safe.

Help Your Safe Locksmith

Before your locksmith starts attempting to open your safe, there is some information that you can provide that will make the process easier on them. This information includes:

Let the locksmith know what is in the safe.
Give the locksmith the brand, model and name of the safe.
If you know of any additional security measures on the safe, let the locksmith know.

By taking the above steps, you can help the safe locksmith open your safe in as quick and safe a manner as is possible.


- What steps should I take if I cannot find my keys or remember what my combination is?

Not being able to get into your safe because your keys are missing or because you cannot remember your combination can be extremely frustrating. You should immediately call a Baltimore locksmith rather than trying to get into the safe yourself.

- Can I try to open the safe myself?

No - it is recommended that you do not try to break into your safe unless you have been trained as a safe locksmith. If you try to open the safe yourself, you run the risk of damaging the contents within the safe or the safe itself. Reaching out to a trained safe locksmith ensures that your contents are kept safe while opening the safe.

- How long should it take to open the safe?

This is something that will depend upon what kind of safe you have. Depending upon what security features are a part of your safe, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to open your safe. The safe locksmith will tell you how long they believe the process will take.

- Will the safe be damaged when it is opened?

In the majority of cases, the answer is no. Safe locksmiths have received training so that they can open safes with as little damage as possible. However safes are constantly being created with new and improved security features so we can give a definite answer. Our goals are to do our very best to not damage your safe.

- When opening my safe, will the contents be damaged?

In the majority of cases the answer is no. The methods that are used do not typically damage anything inside the safe. But as with anything in life, there is always a very small possibility that some damage could happen. But, our goal is to always open the safe without damaging any of your contents.